Why nonprofit Psychometrica is making free psychometric tests available to the public, and how it’s advancing psychometric science for mental well-being and personal achievement.

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January 6, 2023

After Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859, one man became fascinated with how the same forces that shape the animal kingdom are also shaping the evolution of humankind.

Francis Galton–who happened to be Darwin’s half-cousin–was captivated by Darwin’s work. He concluded that before scientists could properly study the evolution of human traits, they would first need scientific ways to measure those traits, including traits of the mind. With passion and persistence, Galton spent much of the rest of his life devising tests to quantify aspects of the human body and psyche. In the process, he founded what is today known as psychometrics: the science of measuring mental faculties.

Francis Galton investigated how human mental abilities evolved, and how they differ between people.

While psychometrics has advanced tremendously since Galton’s time, it’s still poorly understood by the public. Psychometric assessments such as IQ tests and personality tests (including the popular Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or “MBTI”) are generally known. However, much less known is how to apply the test results to improve our self-understanding, well-being, and personal performance.

Psychometrica is a non-profit organization on a mission to change that. The international organization is making psychometrics far more accessible to the average person by providing free online tests, personalized analysis, and options for coaching and other expert training based on each individual’s psychometric profile.

This mission is as challenging as it is important. With over 70 years of modern psychometric research, there is a large body of knowledge locked away in the scientific community. Turning that knowledge into broad societal benefit would require not just raising awareness of psychometrics, but also making the assessment and interpretation tools simple enough for anyone with a smartphone to employ. To simplify that process, Psychometrica provides experts to guide people on their journey from psychometric assessment to making positive life changes.

Guiding people to positive life changes is one thing that Kholeka Ngubeni-Henderson clearly knows about. With a background in clinical psychology, corporate HR, and personal life coaching, Ms. Ngubeni-Henderson appreciates the wisdom of using an individual’s psychological profile to guide them away from career and wellness hazards, and towards a life of personal fulfillment.

Ms. Ngubeni-Henderson is also Head of Coaching at Psychometrica. On how her organization can make meaningful impact, she explains: “We’re uniquely combining proven psychometric tests with practical counselling, public education, and modern delivery technology…. Our mission and science are serious, but to really help people our test experience must be fun and rewarding. We’re creating the kind of colourful and engaging user experiences that today’s consumers expect.”

The free psychometric tests currently available at psychometrica.org give visitors useful insights into their personalities, top strengths, and hidden weaknesses. Test-takers have the option to view additional expert analysis and receive coaching toward their personal goals.

In one of the newest applications of pyshcometrics, the nonprofit also provides a test to combat the rise of social media addiction. The social media addiction test evaluates the visitor’s self-reported behaviors and attitudes for potentially harmful internet use. Free webinars are available to those seeking help, as well as counselors to provide coping advice.

The nonprofit’s mandate also extends to furthering scientific research into psychometrics and other disciplines. Academic researchers frequently need participants for research surveys, but are often limited to a local sample of college students unless their budget allows extended fielding. Psychometrica offers researchers the opportunity to tap into its member base for anonymous research purposes.

Although it’s taken 150 years, we’d have to imagine that Francis Galton would be very pleased with how his work is finally improving the lives of people everywhere, and guiding humankind to a brighter future.

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