How to combat anxiety and find inner calm by clearing and decluttering your mind.

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January 12, 2022

How to find inner calm by clearing and decluttering your mind

Do you ever feel as though your thoughts are replaying themselves on an endless loop? This repetitive process is called rumination. Research shows that rumination can be detrimental to our physical and mental health.

Rumination is when you focus on events in the past or future that cause anxiety for yourself in the present. Rumination can lead to chronic stress, potentially snowballing into more significant mental and physical ailments. By giving yourself well-deserved attention and clearing your overwhelmed mind, you will gain better rest, decreased stress (cortisol), and increased creativity.

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Tips for Clearing Your Mind

Taking Mental Inventory: Sometimes, our mind takes a thought or action and blows it up into something overwhelming. We all have many life demands, and each one can come with a feeling of worry, stress, anxiety, or fear.

By taking a mental inventory (or brain dump), you can write out everything holding a tense place in your mind. By physically writing and observing your mind’s tornado of thoughts, it may be easier to see what needs to be prioritized.

Asking What Matters: To set priorities, we must ask ourselves a couple of questions: Is this crucial? Does it affect me or someone I love? If you answer yes, you know it is a high priority. But if you answer no, maybe it’s time to let that pesky thought go. Setting priorities will help you zero in on what matters most and free you from distractions.

Revising & Renewing: To successfully declutter the mind, one must build a habit. Try different things: brain dump five minutes each day, once at the beginning of the week… Be patient with yourself and you will eventually stumble upon a winning strategy. Completing regular revision and renewal of our mental inventory are essential practices to maintaining a decluttered mind.

It can be challenging to take a step back and shift our focus in life. But allow yourself the space to release intrusive thoughts and grow one step closer to a sense of inner calm.

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